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An unwillingness to follow, an unwillingness to give in, to give in to the grief that you feel, the darkness inside. Let these words be a tribute to my fate. For whatever it is decided it may be, let it be done. Let it be over. Let the will of it all see me to the end as I may say goodbye to the love that was never real until now. The appreciation that did not exist. The sentiment, the worth, the life, the feelings, all so desperately wished to be felt but were unable to feel. What fuel to the fire do we give in this day as we see that which we find and to another grace, we hold abide. Let our hearts narrow in discovery as we hold ourselves off from a reality. We see ourselves through. We find ourselves not by looking in others, but we find ourselves by becoming content with who we are. By being true to ourselves, living a life that is pure, that is honest, that is truthful, that holds nothing back, takes nothing away. It does not live in regret, it does not live in shame, it does not hideaway. It seeks to be known, it seeks to be seen, it seeks to be heard.

This is how you find yourself.

When the winds burry down and the suns fade away.

When the fire is removed and the waters have dried up.

The earth comes around and shakes up a muck.

What is left? What is it all?

It is a mess. It is nothing. It is nothing at all.

Do we see what there is for the lack of what has been taken away?

Or do we see what remains as we think for we still may say?

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